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1-on-1 OT Assessment & Treatment tailored to your needs


OT Assessment

Katie's assessments are holistic, meaning she considers her clients mental, physical, cognitive, and spiritual health, as well as their ability to perform the activities they want and need to do.


Contrary to popular belief, getting people back to work is not Katie's only focus, and her OT assessments and treatment reflect this mentality as she aims to increase her clients' functioning at home and in their community first. 


OT Treatment Sessions

During treatment, Katie works with her clients to help them uncover what matters most to them and then assists them in setting and working towards personally meaningful goals. Having experienced road bumps in life herself, Katie is prepared to assist her clients in developing healthy coping strategies that work for them as well as support systems they can depend on. Katie understands that overcoming obstacles isn't easy, and that doing so with a plan and the right supports greatly increases the likelihood of success.


While helping her clients achieve their goals, she also supports them in developing and maintaining a healthy routine that includes good sleep hygiene, proper nutrition, and regular participation in physical, social, and leisure activities!

Community Nature Walks:

  • Follow @gotdirectionot on Instagram for dates and times!

  • Location: Edmonton river valley & parks

  • Cost: FREE - all are welcome 

Nature Therapy Offerings:

  • Team Building Afternoon 

    • Healthy catered lunch

    • 1 team building activity of your choice

    • Nature walk (1 hour)

    • 1 therapeutic activity of your choice

    • PaRx Nature Goal Setting

* Walks may be rescheduled or shortened based on weather

Traveler in Nature

A Home Equipment Assessment (HEA) is a comprehensive assessment where Katie will ask you to demonstrate how you do various self-care, housekeeping, and home maintenance activities so she can make recommendations to support your performance. Recommendations may include home and ergonomic equipment, biomechanical suggestions, pacing and energy conservation strategies, and referral to other healthcare professionals as appropriate.


Home assessments can be completed virtually, however, they tend to be more effective and comprehensive when done in person.

Getting dressed, bathing, and preparing meals doesn't need to be difficult, and Katie wants to help you live in your home for as long as safely possible. Contact us today to start saving your energy for the fun stuff! 

Senior Couple
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