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gOT Direction
Occupational Therapy

An innovative approach to health & wellness

Brought to you by

Katie Scoffield, BScKin, MScOT

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gOT Direction was born out of Occupational Therapist, Katie's frustration with the fast-paced nature of healthcare, and her desire to offer higher quality services to her clients. As someone who greatly values time spent outdoors, she found working in a small office draining, and over time, she started to see her mental health suffer. Katie was unable to provide her clients with the care they needed and deserved, and she, like many other OTs, was expected to carry a large caseload that limited the type of services she could offer them. She KNEW she could provide better care to her clients if she had more flexibility in her schedule and work environment, and when she transitioned to private practice, she could finally do so! Katie now sees clients in their homes, virtually, and in the community, meeting them where they are at in their journey towards recovery, healing, and return to function.

Services offered:

  • Individual Holistic OT Assessment and Treatment

  • Community Nature Therapy walks (free of charge)

  • Corporate Nature Therapy Workshops, Afternoons. & Events

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